Derry, Northern Ireland

Derry, Northern Ireland
A book I'm working on is set in this town.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

This will be interesting...

The Supreme Court can't decide if it hates people or likes them. One minute it's kicking out nearly 50 years worth of law because 5 of the idiots on the bench have determined racism is dead, then excuses it by suggesting it left a back door open to reinstate the law. Something that will not happen thanks to the GOP refusing to be anything but obstructionist. The next minute it's saying Gay Marriage is okay...but just in California...and DOMA is unconstitutional, pretty much. Depending on where you live.

Of course, now that Section 4 of the Civil Rights Act is dead meat, the White Right is pushing to make changes that will make it harder for minorities, students and the elderly to vote. Which may be the dumbest thing they could do and should be encouraged. Because this has pissed off Liberals and Democrats.

My feeling is, let the GOP do its damndest. Put up any rules they want. Be as vile and open about their racist, anti-Democracy intentions as they cannot help but be. And use every damned one of those rules against them.

Moving the polling place to a cushy country club where only rich people go? Organize shuttle busses to take everyone legally allowed to vote there and just double-dog-dare them to refuse to let them black and brown folk access to the voting machines...let alone their cushy bathrooms.

Move the polling spot to a place that's hard to get to? Again, shuttle busses. Car pooling. Anything to help people get to where they need to vote. With legal observers making sure the polling captains can't try and close the polls before everyone's had a chance.

Passing voter ID laws? Fine. Help everyone who's registered to vote but has no ID to get one. Build a fund to help pay for it. If, like Texas, you're required to provide 3 forms of ID to get a driver's license, one of which is a Social Security Card, help people get a US passport. That's better than a birth certificate because it also lets you go in and out of the country whenever you damn well want, and it's irrefutable proof you're a US citizen.

Section 5 of the CRA is still valid, so if anyone pulls any kind of crap that's not in the law, tear 'em a new one in Federal Court.

Those bastards want to treat Democracy like it's a hard-assed game of Hockey and they're the meatheads? Fine. Two can play that game. And the Republicans are about to find out all they're gonna be is ground beef.

In short, you assholes want war? You got it.

Maybe this will bring the end of the GOP.


Michael said...

The GOP's tactics backfired on them big time in the election and they clearly haven't learned a damn thing from that humiliating defeat. They catered to the worst groups of people for so long and now their racist, homophobic, extremest, ignorant supporters are no longer the majority. It almost restores my faith in humanity…almost.

JamTheCat said...

Of course, I'm working this into the storyline of "...Owen Taylor".