Derry, Northern Ireland

Derry, Northern Ireland
A book I'm working on is set in this town.

Monday, January 6, 2014

Back to work on Owen Taylor...

I spent the day digging through what I'd done on The Vanishing of Owen Taylor up till now, and it's in need of me finishing the story before I can go through and straighten out some things. It's turned into more than a simple mystery, to me. I like to think I'm building a world of real characters and possible events to surround the questions about what's going on. It's a bit repetitive...but deliberately so. All I have left to do is the denouement.

I got a copy of the new edition of Bobby Carapisi, today, and it's still on the big side...well, thick, but it's a lot better looking than the earlier edition I did. And it's cheaper by $8. Can't argue with that.

I've been checking on my flight all day, but so far it's still slated to go. I'll check, again, in the morning before I head to the airport. But in the back of my mind is how I made it to Philadelphia to change to a flight to Paris and it wasn't canceled until I got off the plane and to the international terminal, thanks to that Icelandic volcano. Oh, well...I'm a bit on edge about it, but the fact is, there's nothing I can do except keep moving forward.

Rather like my writing. One section of OT is still a bit weak but better than I remembered. I was smart enough to remove some details that were bogging it down. I'm going to dig through a folder of notes to see if there's anything more I do want to add to the story, but as of now, I'm relatively happy with what I have.

Jake's a solid character, with street smarts, who's building a take-no-prisoners attitude. He has a confrontation with one lawyer that I absolutely love. And Antony's still thinking he's smarter than everybody while Matt just wants to get along. I'm close to falling in love with Dion, and I realize Meredith is based a lot on my grandmother, so she's special to me.

Hopefully, no one will figure out who's done what till it's revealed, but you never know. I may be making it brutally obvious. That's what's feedback's for.

So...who might be open to reading it once I'm done? He asks for the umpteenth time, not remembering if anyone's actually said they were up for it and being too lazy to go back and see from past posts.

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