Derry, Northern Ireland

Derry, Northern Ireland
A book I'm working on is set in this town.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Looks like Tuesday's going to be a bust...

That's when I'm slated to fly to London, but if the airlines continue their ways, my flight from Buffalo will probably be cancelled due to weather. It's supposed to be around 6 or 8 degrees that day...for a high. And snowing. Which will be a huge problem, because I did this trip in stages and will lose at least the air fare between London and Dublin. I'm keeping watch on it, and hope it doesn't come to that...but so far 2014 has been kicking me in the ass. We are not happy and sincerely hope the rest of the year will be less problematic.

Maybe the fates are telling me I'm traveling too much, lately, and need to pay more attention to my writing. Maybe I've had too long a stretch of easy, that's not it; there've been ups and down on that. Maybe Brendan's cursed me for not going to Belfast and the archives once the packing job's done...and never mind I couldn't possibly have made it in time on a Friday to do any serious research for P/S. PRONI closes at 4:45pm.

I need to find some way of making at least a one-week trip to Belfast and Derry, this summer. High season, of course, so no cheap prices...but I need access to those archives and the museums and libraries in those towns. They don't have everything I'm looking for online. I've read so many books and dug into PRONI and NICRA, but there are details I still lack -- the price of LPs and which stores were most popular with which kids; bus fares and schedules between Derry and Belfast; the topography of locations in Belfast...hell, I really should spend a year there so I can get it all. Maybe I should work up a query letter to see if I could get enough of an advance on the book...

Excuse me...I'm actually laughing at myself on that idea.

What this means, of course, is GET OT DONE ALREADY, Kyle. That's the only thing standing between you and P/S, right now. Everything else is either set or can wait, and sending out query letters does not take all that much time. My goal is 5 a day, and I already have the stamps. I just need the stationery.

I have been bad about my writing, I have to admit. I've never been much of a time-organizer. I just do what I do...and it's telling on me because I'm not getting anything done.

Old fart needs to change his ways...and I'm laughing, again.

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