Derry, Northern Ireland

Derry, Northern Ireland
A book I'm working on is set in this town.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014


Okay...get ready for something wild and crazy. My flight out to London, this morning, was cancelled, but not until like 7:30 am. So...I called US Airways to find out about rescheduling. The earliest I could get out was Saturday, the 11th, to arrive on Sunday. Same flights, different days. Okay, so far that's livable.

But...I still had to return by way of Dublin; if I shifted the return flight to being from Heathrow, it would have cost hundreds more. "So fine, let's do that," says I. BUT...the earliest flight they have seats available on is the following Saturday's -- the 18th. Same return flight numbers.

Well, I'll be done with job #1 on Monday...and job #2 on me 3 free days in the middle of the week instead of 2 free days on a Friday and Saturday. I can fly to Dublin on Wednesday, catch a train up to Belfast to stay at a Travelodge that's just over a mile from PRONI, have all day Thursday there...and that's their late night; open till 8:45. Then I can hop a morning train back to Dublin on Friday and catch my return flight Saturday morning.

In short, having my plans screwed up worked too much in my favor for me to ignore, so I rescheduled everything to do just that...and now wonder why the hell Brendan couldn't let me know this was the better way to go before I went through all this angst?

That said, I guess this is about as clear a message as the fates can send -- you wanted to go to PRONI, you got it. Now get your butt back onto writing P/S, you little shit.

So that's where my day went, reworking everything. I tried to fly straight into Belfast but the timing was way too screwy for minimal savings. And I considered hopping a train up to Holyhead and ferrying across to Dublin...but that was change here and go there and on and on, for the same money as air fare and a roundtrip train ticket.

But now I'm all set, thanks to a snowstorm that thought it was screwing me over...or else, having fun letting me think it was instead of it being in collusion with the muse. Now I'm wondering what the hell else is in store...

Not that I'm paranoid, or anything.

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