Derry, Northern Ireland

Derry, Northern Ireland
A book I'm working on is set in this town.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Will this be a truly new year?

I have to wonder. I always start off with a lot of hope and promise...and then life barges in to distract me and soon I'm wallowing in regrets and the feeling that I've wasted another year. I sort of have that going on, still, even as I acknowledge I did a lot to set up 2014 to be different from 2013...and 2012...and 2011...

I now control all but two of my books -- NYPD Blood and The Lyons' Den. I'm giving up on NYPDB. I wrote it. It got published, albeit not very well done. Something happened between my "co-writer" and the publisher and I can't find out what. But he has the rights back...and he apparently wants to rewrite it. I don't. I've tried to get myself involved in it, again, but the changes he wants are making it like I'm writing a whole new book, and I'm just not that into the story. I've written it. I like what I wrote. If he doesn't, he needs to get someone else who will do it like he wants.

As for LD, I'm fine with STARbooks and what they've done. I'm not crazy about the cover or their lack of publicity, but they actually paid me royalties on sales. That means a LOT. I can live with them keeping it going, and I can push it harder, on my follows...

This is what I've come up with for a post card to use in a mail-out for LD. I'm not 100% on it, yet, and would appreciate any feedback. it too busy? Can you read it okay? Should I just use the book's actual cover? (I'd need to get artwork from the publisher, for that, so would rather not.) The nice thing is, all this is my own artwork, so I don't need to license anything.

I've also been working up a new possible cover for How To Rape A Straight Guy.

This one seems a bit raw and ranuchy...but I like the power of it. I'd need to find a similar photo to the one of the guy in the t-shirt; I snagged this one off a website but they'd reposted it from somewhere else and have no idea who the photographer or model are.

Another thing is, the guy in the t-shirt's a bit on the Stanley Kowalski side, and I'm not sure I want to bring that idea into the sales pitch.
This one's more in line with the tone of the book, but is it too mysterious? Am I being too coy? Not coy enough? Not honest enough about the subject matter? Is the target site too much?

Thing is, I can do this one using licensed images from Shutterstock.

Still in forward motion, it seems...for now...and planning to spend even more money.

Typical for me.

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