Derry, Northern Ireland

Derry, Northern Ireland
A book I'm working on is set in this town.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Back to work...

I wrote more on Underground Guy, and altered the ending. It's now less convoluted and more in tune with the rest of the story...and maybe nightmarish. Of course, Dev, Tawfi and Reg all figure into it, but someone I wasn't expecting showed up and wanted to be part of the revelation, and who was I to deny it? The main thing is, I'm back to enjoying working on it...and Dev seems happier, too.

I don't know how much writing I'll get done in the next week; I'm meeting with my CPA to do taxes on Friday evening, and I have a lot to pull together for that. But I'm feeling better about the whole logjam thing in the brain. A65 did as good a job on that as Liquid Plumber does on I now aim to do a minimum of 4 pages a day.

My goal is to have a first draft of UG done by the end of March. I have it plotted out; it's just filling it in, now. Hopefully, I won't let myself get too distracted...but I do need to push the books I've published, and that takes time, too. And then there's reading to be done...

I almost had a packing job that would have taken me back to LA for a week, but it fell through...fortunately. Same for a New York Job the first week of April. Since I'm not going to London or Paris for those shows, I sent off my passport to get it renewed. Looks like I'll getting into a very non-travel period till after London's fair in late May, and I want to be ready for the next bookfair season. Toronto's in the middle of that, and I usually drive up to handle it.

I just realized, this will be my fourth passport. I've had one since college and can't imagine being without it. Good to have if you need to rush off someplace away from it all...especially if the GOP wins in November.

Can you ask for political asylum based on disgust with people voting for Republicans?

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