Derry, Northern Ireland

Derry, Northern Ireland
A book I'm working on is set in this town.

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Here we go...

This is the new paperback cover for RIHC6. Pretty stark and more than a little threatening...and very indicative of an intense read. I got to this one because a couple of friends were willing to give me feedback and offer suggestions...and I kept myself open to them. That's the real trick...not locking yourself into an idea.

Because the truth is, I liked the Gilbert & George feel of an earlier version. It was rich and pleasing to my eye and told everything I wanted about the story. But the truth is, it was wrong for the book. Red lettering and color on black worked well for HTRASG because that is more of a slasher/thriller/psycho-killer kind of story. RIHC6 is like traveling into the heart of human darkness, so too much color was wrong, wrong, wrong. Especially if it's got bright happy clouds.

I will say, I increased the saturation a bit on the bound guy, to bring the color out a hint more. But everything else got desaturated and its contrast pumped up. I'm currently waiting on Lightning Spark to verify its contents and usability...and that's taking forever. Looks like my upload is caught in a loop, but I can't stop it to do a reload; I tried and it ignored me.

There've been lots of computer issues, lately. I can't finish the nomination of my ISBN on Bowker because it won't let me designate a category but demands I do it before they will accept it. But I've also had issues with Network Solutions, at Caladex, and the server we use for all our work. Irritating but nothing I can do about it; I can barely work my Macs.

So I've got the e-book version 90% ready; all I need to do is add the table of contents and verify all the quirks and ticks are gone before I upload that. But my goal is to have a version ready by April 1st...and I'm on schedule.

Oh, man...I shouldn't have said that...


MAC said...

I adore the new cover. It definitely draws you in... dark and intriguing.

JamTheCat said...

Thanks, Mac. It's now prepping at the paperback publisher's and I'm in the process of uploading the e-book at Smashwords. Hope this one does well.