Derry, Northern Ireland

Derry, Northern Ireland
A book I'm working on is set in this town.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Me and typos...

I going through RIHC6 and finding more goofs I missed after going through it a dozen times before sending it out for publication, yeas ago. Stupid things, like "doping" instead of "doing" and leaving out words. I need to get myself tested for dyslexia; this is embarrassing.

I didn't get started till late, today...well, this evening...thanks to some jerk stealing my Mastercard number and charging nearly $1000 to a catering service. I found it only because I check my cards weekly, since this has happened before. This time, it's because I paid my brother's energy bill online using that card. He's between jobs, again, and was a month behind. Now I know their system is infiltrated, because the day after I paid it the bogus charge went through.

What startled me was, it put me way over my credit limit...and the card company still allowed it. And they'd have used that as an excuse to double my interest rate and charge me fees out the butt if I hadn't caught it so quickly. And still might try that. I'll have to be even more careful.

After RIHC6 is done, I'm getting Porno Manifesto set up, and then I'll be done. I don't like having these hanging over me, and I've got some momentum on the GoodReads group I belong to -- HTRASG is selling nicely, enough -- so want to keep it going. PM's the weakest of the books...but that will finish it, and I'll be all out of excuses to not write.

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