Derry, Northern Ireland

Derry, Northern Ireland
A book I'm working on is set in this town.

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Amazing how hard it is to figure it out...

Still casting about for a decent cover to put on Porno Manifesto. I've even contacted a guy who shoots book covers and asked him for input, since I'm not quite getting it.

I really like this one, especially the intensity of it...but it looks like the guy lying on the bottom was knifed, and that's not what happens in the book. Alec does get beaten up, and one character does pull a knife on him, but nothing like this. Guess I'll have to put it aside till another novel...maybe Underground Guy. That'd more suitable...

Actually thinking about...this may be good to use as a basis for UG. That's a very violent book, very edgy.
The second cover I've got here is more indicative of the story, but it's still a bit bland, to me. I did one with a pictures of a guy actually in the shower...but that just felt silly. Like Mel Brooks's ripoff of the shower scene in High Anxiety.

One problem has been discovering the images on Shutterstock just aren't all that great. Oh, if you want happy smiling people looking at the camera, they got tons of that crap. But if you want anger or fear or smirking or anything else, damn near everything is obviously posed, with that typical stiffness and surreality that comes with it. I searched all sorts of possibilities for hours, and still wound up with just a few I could use.

For example, the guy lying on the bottom is from a "drug overdose" shot that I cropped down, darkened and added in the blood. And the guy with the knife was too old, so I got rid of some wrinkles and lines...and he's still old for the character but works okay.

I'm probably over-thinking it. I tend to do that. But I can't get going on anything else until I have it settled. Dammit.

I knew I could be anal, but this is ridiculous.

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