Derry, Northern Ireland

Derry, Northern Ireland
A book I'm working on is set in this town.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Got a better idea...

At least, I think it's better. More mysterious. Not as busy. Keeps in with the theme of shadows in my covers, so far. Good hints of danger. I'm still not 100% on it...but I'm getting there.

It stems from this passage in PM, as Alec explains the beginning of his manifesto...
I don’t know who actually said, “Vengeance is a dish best served cold,” but I knew exactly what the person was getting at. And I also knew exactly how limited that idea was. He was talking about cool, clear, carefully planned and executed revenge, which was really nothing more than an exercise in the childish idea of “an eye for an eye” tricked up in adult clothing but without real passion or need or love. Or hate. And it was wrong to belittle such an elegant notion in that way.

No, vengeance was beauty. Was art. It had to be savored. Dreamed about. Desired beyond anything else you might want in the world. It had to expand beyond the petty boundaries of “just getting even” to bring about real, deep, permanent effect. And what would bring the greatest satisfaction to me in my quest? Beating up or sexually assaulting a group of stupid frat boys because they did something society in general basically tells them it’s all right to do? Or sending them to prison where they’d learn nothing but how to hate people like me even more? Or would using them to show the world how completely, totally and absolutely against nature their notions are — would that be better? Show them how wrong it is for anyone in any society to think that fags are different from everyone else and a danger to the world and that beating up on them is a good thing. After all, as everybody knows, queers have no meaning unto themselves and are to be tolerated, at best. And in this country? We’re also devil worshipers hoping to turn all good wholesome American boys into cocksuckers. We’re out to ruin America. Destroy marriage. Spit in the face of God and Allah and Yahweh and such. And laws against harming us should be ignored. All of this stemming from ideas so deeply ingrained in our beliefs, it would take a revolution to cut them out.
Maybe he's crazier than I think...

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