Derry, Northern Ireland

Derry, Northern Ireland
A book I'm working on is set in this town.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Okay...I may finally have it...

But I think I'll have to sketch or paint it up, myself. I found the right pose, just not with the right expression. And nothing with a knife. I can add the knife into a photo, but changing the expression on a guy's face is damn near impossible for me. So...I'm thinking of breaking out the acrylics and spending a couple days trying it out for myself. See if I can work up what I want.

Maybe that's been part of my problem -- I used to sketch or paint when I was having blockage, like this, but I haven't in ages. Oh, I've done a couple sketches, but nothing whole-hog in intensity or meaning. I worked up a quickie study of what I'd like the image to be...and it felt so good. I may be out of practice and what I come up with look like crap, but I've got to do something different. And the fact is, it'd be cheaper and more precise for me to do it this way.

I also think it would suit the story, in some weird way. My least artistic piece of work with a work of art on its cover. I don't say that as a put down of the story; parts of it are just what I was aiming for. It's just, I sense a tentativeness behind it that I don't like to have in my work. But short of doing a full rewrite -- which I swore I would never do, once a book has been published -- I don't see how I can get rid of that feeling. I guess this is my "Special Needs" child.

The paperback edition of RIHC6 has finally gone live and is available through Amazon and B&N...and Apple iBook has refused to carry this one, too. Big shrug. There are too many other outlets for me to bother with prudes.

Guess we'll see how Porno Manifesto goes over, with them.

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