Derry, Northern Ireland

Derry, Northern Ireland
A book I'm working on is set in this town.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Slowly getting there...

I'm practicing avoidance by focusing on getting all my books back in order, everywhere I can. This evening was spent working on GoodReads, trying to get everything set up to where only the new editions come up. But like Amazon, they won't take anything down, even if it is no longer available. The best I can do is combine them into one listing and choose which one is premier.

What's good about GoodReads is the following it's brought me. And positive feedback, a few instances non-withstanding. I hope I've developed a good attitude about the occasional criticism that is shot at me over my books. Some of it's been pretty funny. Some of it...pisses me off a little, because it may have turned people off from buying the book. I'd like to think it's their loss, but that's a bit self-aggrandizing.

I finally got Tumbler back. They must be European based, because their IT department was shut down during Easter Week. Come the Tuesday after Easter Monday (a real holiday in Euro-ville) I started getting through to them. I finally started working on my thread at work, on the PC, and then it came together. They must not like Macs. But now I can use it to sell my books, again.

So things are pretty much back to normal and this weekend I'll have lost all my excuses and reasons not to write...and it will be back to work on OT. Facing this new demon of Jake's. and seeing where that leads us. I hope it's to the end of the story. Then I can get onto UG and then return to P/S.

The next few months look to be quiet on the travel front. Maybe that way I can get some continuity going, again.

One can always dream...

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