Derry, Northern Ireland

Derry, Northern Ireland
A book I'm working on is set in this town.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Love is love...

I gave up on Christianity a long time ago because of how so damn many followers of Jesus thought this was worthy of attack and/or death.

What the hell is so wrong with two men being in love? Or two women? Why is it anybody's business but the loving couples' if they want to marry or not? Raise children or not? Why is it okay to deny millions of Americans the same basic rights as others? Religions cannot answer this except to refer to fearful ideas concocted two millennia ago...back when people thought the earth was flat and our bodies had humors instead of blood flowing through our veins.

I'm getting into this because it's part of OT. Palm Springs is a battleground used by right wing busybodies as a testing ground for their new push to re-criminalize faggots. The town is so deeply entrenched in the gay psyche, with between 25 and 50 % of its population being gay, they figure if they can turn people against the queers there, they can do it everywhere. Apparently they think it's okay for conservative perverts to stick their noses into private bedrooms and legislate what's allowed to go on in there.

The epitome of this insanity is Ted Cruz saying the left wing is too obsessed with sex. The right wing spits out laws governing women's bodies, contraception, hell, even family planning, down to the point where some of them want trans-vaginal probes before allowing an abortion and call rape illegitimate unless it suits their idea of what it is...but it's the left obsessed with sex.

Just listening to the clowns and their supporters is enough to make you wonder if you're in some alternate universe where up is down and stupid is smart. I honestly want to slap the shit out of those people, it's so insane. The only thing I can do is fight to get someone into office who doesn't put up with that crap. So I'm pushing for Bernie Sanders as President (since Elizabeth Warren won't run) and refusing to support Hillary or back Barack in anything, since they were the ones who slapped lefties like me down during O's first term. Something O's started doing, again, and doesn't seem to think will matter to us. I want honest liberals in office to start countering the vile, despicable, diseased crap coming out of the GOP and too many parts of the Democratic Party.

And I'm putting as much of this anger into OT as be warned...

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