Derry, Northern Ireland

Derry, Northern Ireland
A book I'm working on is set in this town.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Almost home...

I'm in Jet Blue's JFK Terminal 5 waiting on a flight that's been delayed by an hour, so far. I've caught up on e-mails for work and had a decent meal; now it's time to read more of the feedback on OT. It's proving to be illuminating.

Not all of what people are saying is consistent. By that I mean I get different opinions and suggestions for everything. One person says don't change a thing; one says this part is confusing while another part is excellent; another says the same part is perfect while the other is weird. Those who point out typos (for which I an VERY grateful) find different ones and miss others. The only thing that everyone basically agrees on is the opening -- it's a bit too slow.

That was deliberate, but also a mistake. I already had an idea I'd padded the first 3 chapters with too much information, so I've saved a new copy and cut them out of the text of the rewrite, then I'll see how to make the new first chapter over so it jumps into the story faster. Maybe I'll start with the last e-mail Owen sent to Jake, and the text that followed. Something to consider.

The best part of this is how all these  differing opinions have prevented any particular one from taking over, completely. Yeah, there's a lot to process, but I don't feel as if I failed on the writing of it. For once, I think I did the story right and just need to fine-tune it.

I'm also thinking of a new sort of cover for the book -- one using the painting Owen did of Jake and Dion. Meaning I'll need to do one up for it. This one is photoshopped from a picture I liked.

While on this job in San Francisco, I met another gay author -- Kevin least, I think he's gay. He's married but I never dug into what that meant. He's got some books out, mainly short stories and what looks like some biographies. He's going to read The Lyons' Den; I'm ordering one of his books once I get home. It'll be interesting to compare notes.

Final point being, I'm not wrecked by this...and that feels good.

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