Derry, Northern Ireland

Derry, Northern Ireland
A book I'm working on is set in this town.

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Another crazy-assed idea...

I used to do storyboards for movies. What if I was to storyboard out one of my scripts, all the way, then get local actors to read the dialogue, then shift the sketches into a video with the actors' voices over and post that in 3 minute bits? That would only take forever...but it'd be something...

I also found a publisher looking for some nice horror, vampire, SF and fantasy stories to publish -- maximum word count...35,000. Hell, that's just a chapter for me. But I could shift Blood Angel over to that, from screenplay format. Make it nice and erotic, and it's already very heterosexual. I tried for the style of The Hunger; the innocence of Fright Night; the viciousness of Interview With The Vampire; the togetherness of Being Human.

Initially, I used Jonathan Togo and Christina Ricci as images in my head for Tristan and Gabrielle. I like the haunted look in his eyes, because Tristan's had too much hurt in his life. And she looks like someone who is always in control and cares for nothing but that which will make her happy, which is Gabrielle to the nth degree. They'd have been a great pair, onscreen. I might still use them as models, if I do the storyboards.
Hmm...only thing is, I'd need music for it, because Tristan's life is about a song his mother wrote for him and how he plays his trumpet in the devastation left behind by Katrina as a elegy to not only her but his city...and himself. Dunno any good trumpet players, and licensing music is a pain in the ass...and never really right.

I used Jan Garbarek's "Pace mihi domine" as my template music for Tristan's elegy. It's haunting and elegant in a way that is both beautiful and heartbreaking. Back when I had cashed out my 401K and was living off that while I tried to get something going for BA, I had it workshopped and paid an associate to develop a $5m budget for it (which would probably be $15m, now). Developed a prototype of the poster. Even hit the Austin Film Festival to try and garner interest; it had reached the semi-finals in their screenplay competition. This was 9 years ago. Obviously none of it worked.

I guess in the space of the next 9 years, I could work up enough sketches to almost make it animated.

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