Derry, Northern Ireland

Derry, Northern Ireland
A book I'm working on is set in this town.

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Back to first position...

I got so busy finding ways to cut and consolidate and streamline OT, I made a huge mistake -- I lost track of how RIHC6 ended. Tone is on probation with an ankle monitor to keep track of him, but I'd shifted that to him and Jake still fighting the Texas Attorney General over the crimes he committed, with him on bail and no ankle monitor. NOT acceptable.

Granted, it cut a good 7 pages, but that can't be. This story follows that one, so they have to match up, and the fact that I so casually dropped the line is troubling to me...and may be the reason I was having such difficulty with writing it. Subconsciously I knew it was wrong.

Which makes me wonder why I couldn't see that until I finally went back to the first book and read the ending chapter, again...and saw what I'd done. Makes me feel very obtuse, and more than a little stupid.

It also made for a hell of a lot more work, because I had to add it back in. Meaning beginning from page one to make it consistent. Dammit, sometimes I really out-clever myself. At least I caught it now and not after the book was published.

I have a question as regards what the hell people are looking for in a screenplay -- here is a lead I got from one of the sites I belong to --

Seeking Contained Action Scripts
We are looking for completed, feature-length contained action scripts. Submissions should NOT require a large amount of FX or set-building. Budget will not exceed $1million, WGA and non-WG

How does that work? To me an action script has a lot of running and gunfights and battles and stunts and sets all over the place. Does anyone have an example of a project like this that was actually made? Would Carli's Kills count, even though it's only got a little real action-oriented stuff in it? Am I being too literal?

Or am I being too literal a Hitchcock freak?

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