Derry, Northern Ireland

Derry, Northern Ireland
A book I'm working on is set in this town.

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Formatting for fun...

I've changed up some of the structure in The Vanishing of Owen Taylor. Away with the clever names for each chapter; I'm using Roman numerals in their place. I also broke up a couple of the longer chapters, so now I have 14 as opposed to 9 in the first part, albeit with about the same number of pages. I'm also doing away with starting each chapter at the top of a new page; now it just rolls along, with spaces above and below the numbers, and feels a lot better.

Moving almost all of the set-up to later helps a lot. I now have Jake reminisce about Dion just before he arrives to the guy's office. It adds more to the moment, especially since Jake still has feelings for him. I also cut out 80% of the explanation of what happened to Jake and Tone prior to this book. It's going to come out as the story goes along, so the details up front weren't necessary.

I've begun setting up the basic structure for the look of the book. I'm working in Courier, but the final font will probably be Times New Roman or Palatino, both of which are smaller and tighter. I did a quick rough to see how it would work out and came up with a final volume of around 280 pages, including spacing pages, table of contents, and copyright page. That's not so bad.

I'm going through each chapter twice, smoothing it over before I head along to the next one. It's helping me keep the story in my head without referring to my now out-of-date outline. My hope is, it's becoming a more emotional journey for Jake by clearing away the clutter. I won't know till I'm done...and I may ask for another editing pass-through. Depends on what I can afford.

I also made meatloaf and spaghetti sauce, today. Enough for 10 meals, and it cost me about $22 for the makings. I'm back into cheap mode.

Like I was ever out of it.

(PS -- I fucking HATE Chrome. I delete my browsing history from Safari? All passwords stay in place. I delete my history from Chrome, I have to sign back in to EVERYTHING.)

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