Derry, Northern Ireland

Derry, Northern Ireland
A book I'm working on is set in this town.

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Possible jobs near San Bernadino...

There's talk of 2 packing jobs in SoCal, maybe the second week of June. Still preliminary but will have to be settled soon so everything can be planned and expenses kept low as possible. Might be for the whole week. God, it would be so nice to be out there, again...I'm feeling homesick...

There's discussion about us shutting down for a month, meaning no salary for a while, but we were going to do that last year and August wound up being too busy. I'm too broke to go anywhere if we do...and yet I might just say Fuck It. I dunno. I'm sick of being in debt.

I'm also pissed off about how Bernie's being dissed by the DNC. What happened in Nevada, this weekend, was classic Fascist putsch...and perpetrated by Democrats. The Dem Chair in Nevada shut the meeting down after illegally denying delegates the right to vote and then ignored a voice vote demanding a recount, but instead declared the decision was made and walked off. I keep telling myself I will vote against the GOP in November, but this march to anoint Hillary as the candidate has so sickened me, I'm close to just writing Bernie's name on the ballot in November and the hell with the bitch.

What's pathetic is, because I gave money to Bernie and a couple of specific Democratic candidates -- a total of $45; yeah, I'm a real power-broker -- I am now getting hit with e-mails and phone calls begging for more money for the DNC and DCCC and even the people I've already given money to as well as candidates I've never even heard of. Well, forget it. I will not give one more dime to the Democratic Party, and if I don't like the candidate they run in my area, I'll vote Green.

And if it means the end of the world, let's just get it the fuck over with.

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