Derry, Northern Ireland

Derry, Northern Ireland
A book I'm working on is set in this town.

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Part of history

That's me. I just supervised the move of Henry Kissinger's archives to Yale University. Valued at $18m, if I recall the volumes of paperwork right. We got the last of it unloaded and into the vault half an hour before the rains came to New Haven. Talk about timing...this one was totally in my favor.

Jake and Antony are beginning to reveal the new story in more detail...and Jake's not worried about seeming bland next to Tone's insanity. "You don't compete with a psychotic," he says, "you just hold him close and let him know he's safe. And enjoy it when that craziness helps you out."

There's going to be a fair amount of craziness in this story; Mormons have made an entrance, including their vile habit of baptizing the dead into their religion. Talk about total fascism, where even someone who's died has to believe as you do. Now I know why they run the largest genealogical resource center in the world. What scares me is my grandmother on my mother's side used their resources once, so now I wonder if her memory's been confiscated by that cult.

An ex-gay man factors into it, as well. This little beastie's gonna be fun, fun, fun. But considering how I've already been labeled a pornographer, once...and almost twice, I guess I should be happy for that.

Now comes the question -- how do I work in some serious sex? That's not something Jake would talk about. "It's between me and Tone, buddy." And he's the one telling the story. Antony loved detailing it, but he enjoyed more the idea of pushing your face into what went on than anything else, and in book 2 of RIHC6 he became more reticent after his and Matt's least as regards himself.

Hm...what would Jackie Collins do?


Michael said...

Mormons and ex-gays in the mix? Sounds like this is going to be a wild story. Especially if one of the lead characters needs to infiltrate one of these cult-like organizations.

Personally I don't think your stories need graphic sex. It honestly bothers me that your novels are often labeled gay erotica ("boner books"?). There are plenty of other novels that have a ton of graphic sex that AREN'T labeled erotica - most likely because they deal with heterosexual relations. It seems like a double standard in the industry when a complex mystery novel that just happens to have some (ok, a lot) of gay sex is essentially labeled porn.
Not saying you shouldn't throw in the graphic sex when the story calls for it. It just shouldn't be a requirement. "HTRASG" needed every graphic detail but "Lyon's Den" (at least the version I read) had very little sex and that's all it needed.

As for Jake. Having him tell the story gives you an opportunity to show a different side of his personality - the part no one ever sees. Assuming the story isn't being told to another character that he would censor himself around, his thoughts can pretty much run wild. If anything, it's the taciturn men that have the most wanton thoughts. We just rarely speak them aloud.

JamTheCat said...

You're right, Michael. Only question is, how much does Jake want to reveal about himself? Guess we'll find out.