Derry, Northern Ireland

Derry, Northern Ireland
A book I'm working on is set in this town.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Back to NYC

Be there the 9th through the 11th, packing a private library on the upper east side. Supposedly a nice one of Sangorski-Sutcliffe bindings. Those are specialty bindings, usually in leather with trim and taut spines, nice paper. Occasionally a portrait or cameo laid into the front board. I'm trying to work it to where I drive down, because that lets me think and sort things out in my mind. I need to do that about POS and OT and a few other pieces I want to write.

Now that I'm coming out of my funk, I can focus better on what's next. I think I'll finish with IF and get that started on the road to (hopefully) being published. I've already made a short list of "true-crime" publishers...though I don't know if they'll go for a fictionalized version of a criminal action. Guess we'll see.

Something I've noticed is, I'm looking at my scripts differently, lately. I'm seeing where, if I shift them into novels, I can dig deeper into the characters and motivations behind the things they do. I had fun (for the most part) doing that with Daniel in LD and Vinnie in IF. And when I do it with "Darian's Point", I'll be able to show some of the social background in Boston that made Thomas and Marian's marriage such a trial.

I think I'm also going to look into fellowships to see if I can apply for one that might give me enough money to live on as I write for a couple years. Now that I have a decent amount of POS in a form good enough to back me up in saying I want to write, maybe I can got something going that way.

Of course, I'm trying to do this just as the publishing world is going through an earthquake of change. And having to deal with the Feds investigating them for fixing the prices of e-books. Which I don't understand. I can find e-books in prices ranging all over the place, on Amazon, Google, Apple, B&N, you name it. A lot of people even self-publish, like musicians self-promote and sell off their own sites, so it makes no sense to me for the Feds to waste their time on a dying format when billion-dollar crooks like Goldman Sachs and Bank of America are barely even being investigated.

But all depends on where the money is, so maybe somebody got pissy about not being able to sell a certain book more cheaply and caused this mess, hoping to sell more for less, or something. Except that doesn't make sense.

Hell, LIFE doesn't make sense; why do I keep trying to find it?

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