Derry, Northern Ireland

Derry, Northern Ireland
A book I'm working on is set in this town.

Monday, April 23, 2012

The ennui of Henri gives me meaning, you see

I've seen too many French films that are really like that cat's commentary, and it makes me happy to know my inner kitten is still smitten with what is written and ... and ... okay, what's another word that rhymes with written? Spittin'? That's cheating.

An idea came to me, last night, just as I was about to drift off to sleep. Killed my quietness, and I couldn't drop off for another hour. But I wrote it down, this time, and think it may be something that needs to be done. It's a plan to promote "The Lyons' Den" and I have to work fast because all hell is about to break down in my computer world and I need to upgrade to Snow Leopard soon. Then Lion. Once I do that, I have no access to such niceties as Word or Final Draft or a number of other programs until I buy new versions, except on my Mac Mini, and it's running rough, lately.Maybe it needs more memory.

I hate technology, which is probably why I love it so damn much.

Anyway, not saying a thing more about anything until I've actually DONE it. Then I'll ask for commentary and explain myself and wonder what the hell I'm trying to pull.

It snowed all day, today, and still managed to only lay an inch on the ground, and that was gone within an hour. Very odd weather, they say. I find it fascinating.

Amazon is still being a pain. So any thoughts I may have had about self-publishing through Kindle have vanished.

1. I don't rust their sales reports, so why do the self-publishing thing through them if you won't be given data you can trust?
2. Their customer service is in Pakistan or India and only sends out canned messages to whatever you ask them. I tell them the titles of some of my books have been changed, recently, and ask them to put them back like they were. They say I have to talk to my publisher. I tell them I want to know why they changed the titles of my books on the Kindle editions. They say the books are available. I tell them I'm only asking why they did this, recently. They say I have to talk to my publisher.
3. They insisted LD be offered exclusively through Kindle for 3 months prior to its paperback release, but have done nothing to promote it. Zero. Zip. Nada. Why? I have to talk to my publisher.

So they can talk to the hand. I'm looking into publishing through my own website, once I get caught up. There must be a way to do that without involving Amazon and Kindle and all that crap.

Or am I about to totally hate technology, again?


Penman said...

I cringe when I here a voice from India. Rarely do I get the answer to what I'm asking. They are pleasant, Oh-so pleasant. I hate that too. I know that it's useless at that point to try and get them to understand the situation.

Then there is the good-bye. Unless you hang-up, there is no short--Goodbye. No, it's.

"Did we satisfy your inquiry Mr. Gleich?

"Not really but I'll deal with it,"

"Thank you Mr. Gleich and would you like to take a short survey of how we helped you today?"

"No, I have things to do..Goodbye."

"Mr. Gleich, is there another problem we can help you with today."

"Christ. Yes..SHOOT ME."

JamTheCat said...

Went through that, today, with FedEx. I got hold of a guy who could not handle the problem I was having and didn't know how to let me handle it and when I tried to just start a fresh shipment over the phone, was unable to take even the most simple information. I finally gave up and called back and got someone I could talk to, who at least got the problem straightened out. It scares me just how incapable some of these people are.