Derry, Northern Ireland

Derry, Northern Ireland
A book I'm working on is set in this town.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

A noble experiment

I decided to make my trip to NYC without my little rolly-suitcase. It was too small to carry some passepartouts I needed, so those had to go in a box and be checked through as baggage. But since I wasn't staying long, I didn't have enough to put in the suitcase, so I just went with my shoulder bag. And carried both those damned things all over town. NOT a great idea. My back is threatening to make my life miserable if I ever do it, again.

While at the airport, I bought a copy of the latest "Wired" magazine because of the NSA article on the cover...and happened upon a smaller article about a man who was an avid freak. Apparently that's a news-you-want kind of site, and someone had posted a question about whether or not a US Marine battalion could defeat the whole Roman army. He answered it. And within the space of three days, was talking to producers in Hollywood about making it into a movie.

He'd never written a script in his life, but it's been bought and is, apparently, being made. And he wrote the script. And has another script in the pipeline. And he lives in Des Moines.

This reminds me of how Graham Yost sold "Speed" to Fox for a million bucks. They bought it for the idea -- a bus has a bomb on it that will explode if the bus goes slower than 50 miles per hour. Story is, Joss Whedon was brought in to do a rewrite weeks before production was to begin because they finally realized the script was damn near unshootable.

I, personally, read a version that was ludicrously bad...and while they said it was a shooting script, it bore minimal resemblance to the actual film so I don't know what version it was. I just know our introduction to Jack was him going out on a ledge atop a high-rise apartment building to bring his aunt's chihuahua back into the apartment. And people thought he was a jumper. Also, Harry (Jack's partner) was the bad guy instead of Dennis Hopper's character.

Goes to prove, again, that the main thing that matters in selling a script is the concept. Which is part of my problem. I got no original ideas like that. Mine are too off-beat or low-key, with my characters being more important than the plot twists. Very anti-screenplay...though actors tend to like that.

Anybody know any actors I could slip a script to? "Find Ray Tarkovsky" would be perfect for Ryan Gosling. "Wide New World" would be just right for Colin Farrell. And I could see Scarlett Johansen as Gabrielle in "Blood Angel". least I dream big.

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