Derry, Northern Ireland

Derry, Northern Ireland
A book I'm working on is set in this town.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Reaching for the future

I ordered Apple's Snow Leopard OS, today, in my slow steps towards putting Lion onto my laptop. When I get back from NYC, next Sunday, I'll install it and then consider my next move.

I added another 11 pages to OT. Nothing's in order, yet; I keep jumping back and forth in the story to write what's interesting me at the moment, so I'll have some streamlining to do. But it's still headed forward, thanks to Jake's drive and focus.

And here he is, personified by Will Fennell, of DNA Magazine. I think this is just about the perfect pose for him -- cool, casual, a bit wary, a hint of a warning not to try and bullshit him. And today, that was a major part of the section I wrote -- Jake cutting through some major bullshit being handed out by the DA's office in Riverside County.

Initially, I was trying to keep location names to a minimum, but that's not how the story's going and so the hell with it. Events take place in Palm Springs and Riverside County, with the usual attitudes and corruption sneaking their way in.

I think we're doing this because of the recent case where a number of gay men (during Splash Week, I think) were enticed to expose themselves to undercover cops and arrested for public indecency. A number of then said they hadn't done anything more than flirt with the cop -- no nudity -- but were still busted.

The DA of Riverside County was pushing ahead with the prosecutions...until he was ousted in the next election by a candidate who was backed with a lot of gay community money. Also, the Chief of Police for Palm Springs had to quit because he was recorded saying some pretty vicious things about the men being arrested, including calling them "fags" and "queers". You don't do that when most of the city's population is gay or gay friendly.

So...did any of this make a difference? No. The new DA pushed ahead with the prosecutions, forcing those who'd been accused of the crimes into deals so they wouldn't face the possibility of having to register as a sex offender if they'd been found guilty. Even the ones who'd claimed innocence. So much for gay power, right?

The problem is, the gay community didn't go far enough. They should now have that second DA kicked out of office and replaced with another one, one who's willing to acknowledge that these stings are nothing more than a legal form of gay-bashing. You don't change attitudes with one election; you change them with a track record of at least half a dozen.

Anyway, that's where this story exploded from. Jake's uncle Owen is accused of exposing himself to a plainclothes cop and he fights it, and wins. Then disappears after sending Jake an envelope with a key in it and a note that reads, "I almost forgot -- you'll need this."

Now comes the fun part -- putting it all together so there are plenty of clues but no one knows what really happened until Jake figures it out (with Antony's and Matt's help). But I ain't worried; my guys'll lead me right.

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