Derry, Northern Ireland

Derry, Northern Ireland
A book I'm working on is set in this town.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

I'm flying high

I mentioned a long time ago that I have a fan of my books. Well, he just finished reading RIHC6v2 and apparently it's inspired him to start writing, again. And suddenly I've never been so proud of myself. Seriously, I feel like I've accomplished something meaningful as a writer...and maybe it's a bit silly, but then I've never been one to avoid that (I just whine about slipping into it, sometimes). In his messages to me, he's shown he has a clean style, excellent grasp of grammar and knows how to express himself. I hope he does it. I'd love to see what kinds of stories he builds and characters he lets us get to know.

Tonight I'm just reading on POS. I'm saving the section I began with Brendan till Saturday, when I'll spend the day on it. I want to get it done in one go before I talk myself into dropping it as too obvious and repetitive, using that to slip into my usual attire of avoidance.

I've just applied for a DBA in the state of New York. If I have one, I can join a nearby Chamber of Commerce and get health insurance through them at group rates. Since it's official I'm wanted here till at least the end of June, next year, it's time to stop piddling and jump in. Next will be getting a NY driver's license and then deciding if I want to transfer my car here or buy a new one that's more suited to the ice and snow. My little beast has done me well, but it's 13 years old now and started to feel it. I wonder -- do cars age in dog years? It's still got fewer than 78K in mileage and I almost never use the AC, so it's probably good for a while longer. I dunno. That's something I'll think about later.

Something else to think about? I need furniture.

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