Derry, Northern Ireland

Derry, Northern Ireland
A book I'm working on is set in this town.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

NEA is a no-go...

I was one of 1300+ applications for a writing fellowship and they funded 38. I wasn't one of them. So I need to figure something else out in order to spend time in Derry working on Place of Safety. Can you build a grant off Crowdfunding instead of investments?

I'm spending this weekend getting David Martin set up on Smashwords and Lightning Source. I'm at the point where I can work in the images. I just need the specs for the cover and its registration points. I've already notified Ken I'll need good JPGs of the line art; all I have is the combination he sent. I could do it, myself, but when I break up a PDF on my version of Photoshop it tends to come out a bit soft, and I want crisp.

This means Carli's KILLS is DOA. I'm still split on which direction to take the story -- revenge-horror or erotic-revenge-thriller amongst them. I've got too many options, here...and too many other works that need attention to fiddle with it. If Carli can't make up her mind, and Zeke won't be of any help in the matter, then they'll have to wait till I have a chance to sit down and discuss it with them in complete detail.

I dropped by work to start the process of quoting out another potential packing job in London as well as the one in Santa Fe, then went grocery shopping. I don't want to go anywhere on Thanksgiving, so I checked into frozen turkey dinners...and they ALL use chicken broth to cook the turkey or make the gravy. It's TURKEY for cryin' out loud! They ain't the same thing as chickens. I think I'll write Marie Callendar's and Stouffer's about this. Anyway...I'm having meatloaf, instead.

And hoping I'll find someone like this in my shower come Christmas morning...meaning, I'm feeling very self-indulgent, at the moment. As is my way after being told No over something I'd hoped for.

Also feeling very jet-lagged...

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