Derry, Northern Ireland

Derry, Northern Ireland
A book I'm working on is set in this town.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Off-beat day of catch up

On sleep, mainly; I didn't get up till after 1pm. Stiff and cranky, but also feeling oddly refreshed. So I held off eating anything much till dinner...and now it's near midnight and I'm hungry. I may fix an egg or something. We'll see. (I wound up with a bowl of Grape-Nuts and cup of hot tea.)

It'll be different, tonight; I had to pop some Zyrtek to stop sneezing, and that makes me sleepy. Not as bad as something like Contact does, but enough to make it hard to get going in the morning.

I've been working on DM, and have the images ready to lay into the format of the story. I've got the locations set. Now I just need to make sure this is going to come out okay.

Here's one Ken did of David leaving town on his friend, Cory's pony. It pretty much fits what I described in the story. It's my hope I can wrap the text around it, like I'm going with this blog.

This is where David goes face to face with a hungry bear, a couple days into the trip. Love the danger emphasized in the layout.

I'll need to do some adjusting on the cover in Photoshop, to match the requirements of Lightning Source. But that's minimal (I think). What matters is this is close to being done. I'll get a physical proof to make sure it's ready as a paperback, then comes the electronic upload. My hope it to have it done tomorrow or Friday...Saturday at the latest. I've already set up an ad on FaceBook.

I finally got Kobo to remove my Nazca Plains books from their listing. That only took a lot of screaming. Amazon's still pulling the crap that they're only waiting for the remainder of the books they have in their warehouse to sell before removing HTRASG and BC 1 & 2, which is nonsense. The books were put up as print on demand. They don't keep inventory of books like that; they don't print them till someone buys one.

This is ridiculous. They dropped HTRASG as Kindle the second they felt like it; now they're being obstinate about its print edition? Is it selling that well? No matter -- I've given them till December 9th to do what I ask before I get a lawyer and sure them for copyright infringement. I don't want to do that because it's expensive and a pain in the ass. And even if I asked for my legal expenses to be paid, there's no guarantee a judge would go along. Plus I think I have to sue them in Washington state, since that's where they're based.

If I do sue them, I'm asking for a full report on all sales and monetary damages for making me go through this crap.

I'm now reading The Dead by James Joyce. I like his style in this -- very clean, brisk and human. I've tried several times to get into Ulysses but just can't. The Dead is a short, intense story, but maybe this and the Bloomsbury tales will help me ease in.

Or not.

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