Derry, Northern Ireland

Derry, Northern Ireland
A book I'm working on is set in this town.

Monday, November 25, 2013

Waitin' on goddamn immigration

For some insane reason, Immigration decided to have four booths assigned to pass through foreign nationals and US Residents (not citizens) coming into the US, while one poor blond woman was set to handle all the US Citizens coming off my flight. Boy, was that a wrong call. My line was a good 200-250 people long while the other two were 75 between them. They got done in no time. It wasn't till then that they realized just how long the Citizens line was and started breaking people out to other booths. Very nice and polite, but since I was at the back of the plane, it took me over an hour just to get to the booth.

However...allowing myself to be shallow about it all...the officer checking me through was this gorgeous Italian guy in his mid-30s. Roman nose. Deep eyes. Gentle voice. No wedding ring (not that it means anything). Oh, did I get the palpitations; probably jet lag. Still, since I'd set my flight back to Buffalo at 10:45pm and it was only 8:35, I popped a couple of TicTac and chatted happily with him...even though I desperately needed to take a wee.

We talked about the boxing match some Filipino boxer won (which I had, fortunately, heard about), and who will give half his purse to the Typhoon relief effort. I actually flirted with him, something I haven't done in years...and years...and am I out of practice! Jeez. Where's Jake or Tone when I need them? Wish I could've snuck a picture.

Now I'm having a late dinner (this flight's food was crappy and I ate little of it) and my beloved Dr. Peppers. I'm halfway through my second one and burping like a guest at some sheik's banquet. Feeling very happy and glad to be only 2.5 hours from my bed. I'm sure I'm not the most pleasant person to be around now, and the next time I take an international flight, I'm wearing sandals on the plane. Having feet in shoes for nearly 24 hours is NOT a good idea...especially if you have to go through security, again.

Next comes a possible job in Santa Fe. I've never been there, so this will be interesting. All depends on what the logistics are, because it's to happen the same week I head out to San Francisco for the shadow fair.

I worked more on prepping DM for print publication. Couldn't go for too long; the seats were too close to open my laptop, fully, and the power supply wasn't working. I wound up watching Blue Jasmine (liked it okay) and tried to talk myself into watching all 10 episodes of Bates Motel but just couldn't. The actual visual highlight of the trip was the camera under the plane's belly. We flew over Central Hong Kong headed out and it was amazing to see, but what was best was flying over NYC at night, headed in for JFK. The lights of the city were reflected in the jet's skin, making it look more like a living silver Christmas ball glowing in golds and blacks. Gorgeous.

Amazing...the bestest part of my trip to Hong Kong was watching video of the plane landing and meeting an immigration officer with eyes you could drown in.

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