Derry, Northern Ireland

Derry, Northern Ireland
A book I'm working on is set in this town.

Monday, September 8, 2014

Deadwood completed

All the nonsense I had to finish from the last 3 weeks is done and gone...and I've got a nice little headache from it. But I feel good. My checkbook is balanced. My credit cards are in order. I'm set up to do a couple of jobs in NYC and Washington DC, next week. I'm going to Seattle for the book fair, next month. Looks more and more like I'll be doing Hong Kong, again, but not Toronto, and will be in NYC the second week of December.

Oh...and Return to Darian's Point is in the Top 100 for Table Read My Screenplay, which is set in London, this year. I won't find out if I got it till I'm on the road...and Jesus God, how I'd love to win this one; it means a staged reading of my script by British actors before an audience. Oh, I so want to go to that. I'd even pay my own way...which I think I'd have to do.

I wonder if my Jet Blue points will work going to Heathrow? And how likely do you think it is that maybe Zac Efron would read as Perry? I get giggly just thinking about it. Yeah, totally a dream.

What's funny is, this came just 20 minutes after I learned RDP didn't even make the first cut at The Austin Film Festival. wins The Indie Gathering, does well in TRMS, and gets dissed totally in Austin. Not that I'm surprised, really. When Blood Angel was a Quarterfinalist in 2007 I went to the festival and read some of the winning scripts...and they were awful. Maybe I should be grateful; I don't know of a single winning script from Austin that's ever been produced.

And that's my sharky-snark for the day...

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