Derry, Northern Ireland

Derry, Northern Ireland
A book I'm working on is set in this town.

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Headed home...

I'm at LAX using the okay Wifi after finally finding a power source at Southwest's Terminal One. Man, it so shows how much better Jet Blue's Terminal 5 is. There, you can have all sorts of meals, have them delivered to your gate, find power sources all over the place, free WiFi without having to jump through hoops, and even free music in the main lobby, at times. And in the planes you get videos with your assigned seat, with some interesting information...and their prices are not that much more.

Southwest...there's a tiny food court, a couple more separate restaurants with limited seating, even the MacDonald's is closed down and it all feels very crowded. You have to watch a video or answer a question before you have access to free Wifi, and then you only get it for 45 minutes at a time...when it'll let you in. And it's still the cattle car line where if you don't pay the extra $12.50 for Early Bird Checkin, you wind up in B or C boarding group and sitting in a center seat.

My next trip to LA will probably be on Jet Blue...even if it means going into Burbank.

I had a nice meal with Kasey Sixt, the last real friend I've ever made. She just completed a promotional video for Edwards University and does all sorts of thing to keep herself going. She's one of those people who have to schedule in time to sleep. She once almost got my gothic horror script, Darian's Point, made through a company in Canada...and almost sold it to a Hollywood Producer...only it didn't work out. But those were the closest I've come to getting something actually produced.

The production credits I do have as a writer are for rewrites I did for other people's work. Not my preference. Anyway, she the second friend of mine to suggest making DP into a book...something I'd been thinking about, in general.

I wonder if I'm being told something, here?

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