Derry, Northern Ireland

Derry, Northern Ireland
A book I'm working on is set in this town.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

I am NOT "Ready for Hillary"

I made the mistake of donating to a couple of individual Democrats' races for Senate and The House of Representatives, and now I'm on every goddamned mailing list there is from the Democratic party, not only begging me for money because it's our last chance to counter that idiot, Boehner, but because I'm told I'm ready for Hillary Clinton to run for president.

Well...I don't want her. And I told the DNC that, as well as a few others. Do you think they listened? No. The begging only increased. So now they all go into Junk, and I'l be damned if I give them another penny, even if I agree with the person running.

I had this problem once with the GOP. A guy at work, who's a die-hard Republican, sent my name and information in to them with a small donation, so suddenly I was getting inundated with requests for money from CREEP. At my work address! They wouldn't stop when I asked them to...or when I demanded they I started sending them really nasty Photoshopped images of Bush 2 doing S&M with American men dressed as soldiers, telling them they'd better remove my name from their mailing list or I'd get even nastier. I'd discovered what all could be found on the Internet and made serious use of it. So the mailings finally ceased.

As for Hillary, I hate it when someone is anointed the nominee without me even being given the chance to vote on it. And I wouldn't vote for her, anyway; I don't trust her. I'd rather Elizabeth Warren run, or Al Franken. They know what they're talking about and aren't afraid to say it. Ms. Clinton is nothing but political speech and bullshit.

But I won't pull the same stunt with them as I did CREEP. I'll just dump my junk mail, because I'm still closer to the Democratic line than anything else. But if those bastards do push Hillary's nomination through without so much as a question, I'll vote Green, again. I will not vote for the lesser of two evils, anymore.

That's what got us Obama and his continuation of Bush 2's policies.

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