Derry, Northern Ireland

Derry, Northern Ireland
A book I'm working on is set in this town.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015


I broke down and started cleaning my apartment, today...and even though I wore a wet bandana around my face most of the day, I'm sneezing my head off from all the dust I disturbed. And I'm only about half done. I got rid of a lot of crap...gave most of it to Goodwill since they're close by. I freed up a couple of shelves and now my bookcases don't look ready to fall over from being packed so tight. I still have the kitchen and bathroom to do, along with my work table and a set of bookcases holding stuff behind my work space, but it's already looking better. Helps to vacuum.

I'm also posting some things to sell on ebay. Bring in a little cash. Nothing major, but every little bit helps. Seems as soon as I start thinking I'm at least even with the financial game, something comes along to smack me up side the head and say, "Don't be an idiot." This time it's a $190 bill from the IRS for the final interest and fees on back taxes I'd been paying. That'll finish that off, at least.

I'm now looking for a photo I had of a model named Jordan. He's seated on a bed in his briefs and wife-beater, a coat pulled up over his shoulders. I remember posting it around a year ago, or so, on my blog. I think I want to use that one on the cover of OT...if I can license it for a decent amount. Which means once I have OT done, I'm publishing it myself. It may be stupid to do, but that way I have complete control of it.


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