Derry, Northern Ireland

Derry, Northern Ireland
A book I'm working on is set in this town.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Maybe it's just me, but it seems the right wing freaks are out to take America back to a time that never existed except on TV and in the movies, and Liberals are out to let them do it. The Republican Party's and the Tea Party's push to outlaw abortion -- not end it, just outlaw it -- has reached fever pitch. They seem to think no one got an abortion until Roe v. Wade was decided, which was nonsense.

Besides, their actions belie their stated claims -- that they want to end it. They don't. Not really. If they did, they'd also be making sure that women had access to contraception and education on how to keep from getting pregnant. After all, the only way to end a practice is to make it unnecessary, but at the same time these liars are forcing the shut down of Planned Parenthood clinics all over the country by defunding them in any way they can, and they're even trying to make contraception seem the same as abortion. That's ridiculous.

Basically, men (and a few women) are forcing women to undergo a life-threatening process based on a ludicrous belief that the moment an egg connects with a sperm it's a human being. And pregnancy is still life-threatening; women still die in childbirth. Not in the numbers they used to, but far too many to just ignore. To them, women are nothing but breed mares and supplicants to the men in their lives, and that is their truth.

But this isn't all the right-wing is doing with the tacit acquiescence of the left. Laws have been passed in several states, under the guidance of the NRA, that allow citizens to carry firearms and shoot anyone if they feel threatened enough. In Florida, it's known as the "Stand Your Ground" law, and it's been used to get a number of people off from murder charges, the latest being a white man who shot a black youth to death for reasons that remain murky, at best...but which are being rearranged by the right to make the victim responsible for his own murder. And liberals are going along with it because we want to know the truth before we decide; no rushing to judgement for us, no sir.

We on the left seem incapable of understanding that the truth means nothing. It's an ephemeral idea that can be manipulated to cover anyone's ass in any situation, no matter what the facts. Sometimes in direct violation of the facts. The truth is, quite literally, whatever you want it to be. Pontius Pilate knew that 2000 years ago, when he asked, "What is truth?" of a man he was about to condemn to death despite finding him innocent of any crime.

You think I'm over the top or going off the deep end, here? Just listen to Mitt Romney's comments from day to day and see how many times he says one thing in one location, then says something else in another, and when confronted by it, says he never said that first thing in the first place. Even though it's on videotape. Bill O'Reilly's done the same thing, as has Rush Limbaugh. And they know if they're brazen enough and yell back loudly enough, their voices become the "truth" while the rest of us are lost in the filth of their lies.

Want more proof? Look what's happening with Trayvon Martin, the black kid who was shot to death by a white man named George Zimmerman. Look at how the "truth" is shifting. I read a couple of places that Tayvon weighed about 140 lbs. Zimmerman weighs 240 lbs. But now Zimmerman is claiming he was jumped by this kid, beaten up on the ground and HAD to shoot him to save his life. That's becoming the truth, now. And helping back it up are photos that make Trayvon look like a hood and that make Zimmerman look like an everyday citizen.

And then there's the matter of his race. Zimmerman's father is anglo and his mother is Peruvian, so he's of mixed race. Lately, all he's been is Hispanic, which for some reason means that Trayvon's murder could not be race-related. Why, I have no idea. It's just the new truth. Even liberal friends of mine are referring to Zimmerman as Hispanic and have berated me for referring to him as white. Which he is as much as he's Hispanic. But that's no longer the truth.

Truth is just a concept that can be manipulated and molded and rearranged to suit anyone's preferences. We on the left seem to still be clinging to the idea of it as an answer to the excesses on the right, not understanding that the right has reached the point where they know they can flat out lie and get away with it, because Liberals will think, "Now everyone can see they're lying," while the vast majority of people just plain don't give a shit. And it won't be until Liberals start manipulating the truth with the same dexterity as Conservatives, and learn how to use it against them with the same force that they use it against us, that we'll be able to stop this backwards march into obscurity.

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