Derry, Northern Ireland

Derry, Northern Ireland
A book I'm working on is set in this town.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Feelin' good

I finally wrote 5 pages...about 1000 words...on "The Vanishing of Owen Taylor" for Jake, and now he's willing to let me hunker down on "Inherent Flaws." I input changes I'd made onto a printed copy and have about a third of the story updated. I'm also working out a timeline and making a list of all the characters so I can keep track of things...and I'm finding parts of the story did not work where I'd set them. So those got shifted.

A couple of names got changed, as well, thanks to reality making an entrance; one of the hoods had the same name as an actual Mafia guy who got sent up to Attica. Another one couldn't decide if he was from Harlem or Little Italy. So that had to be clarified. I have some more restructuring to do, but it looks like the foundation is back on track.

And now I have a headache. Nothing nasty, just...there.

I've been following the nonsense about Rush Limbaugh and his all-too-typical comments about women (this one being that a woman who testified about insurance covering birth control pills is a slut, a prostitute). He gave off a weaselly non-apology once he realized he'd gone a bit too far, this time. After all, when a Democrat had referred to a female lobbyist as a prostitute, about a year back, he lead the charge to have the guy run out of town.

Of course, Rush has his attack dogs still willing to blame everything that's ever gone wrong in the history of civilization on Liberals, and they have been out in force. But it's too late. Not to protect Rush; he's worth hundreds of millions of dollars so can ride this out. No, his filth has permeated to the point where now high-school girls are being called sluts for being on the pill by other high-school girls whose parents told them all about what Rush said. His sickness has become a permanent part of the culture.

If anything has made me ashamed to be an American, it's the fact that this man (and others of his ilk, like Bill O'Reilly, Sean Hannity, Sarah Palin, and Ann Coutler, to name a few) has an audience. Has people who listen to him and believe every word spewed from his warped brain. And the only reason they do it is to pad their own pockets. They do not care that they're destroying everything that made this country great.

Well, I hope the SOB follows Andrew Breitbart's lead.

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