Derry, Northern Ireland

Derry, Northern Ireland
A book I'm working on is set in this town.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Reviews and renewed

This review of "The Lyons' Den" was posted on Amazon, recently, by a guy named Bogey "B"Gene.

Kyle Michel Sullivan (aka Theodore J. Bentley, the third) gives us a new side to his ingenious writing and imagination. This is a mystery that is campy, fun and just a pleasure to read. If you are a KMS fan, then all of his other works begin to fall into place after reading this. This is a story that is so hard to describe without giving away too much, and I'm not willing to do that (when you read it, you will understand), except to say "just how real are those imaginary characters?". This is so different from his other works, but still has the vivid details that draw you in, characters that leap off of the page at you and you feel like you know them personally. OK, so I'm a little prejudiced because I like his (train of thought) writing style. This will become a remembered treasure.

I'm actually relieved. I was afraid the story would be hard to follow and swallow. Now if I could just get a few more...

Man, I tried to slack off, today, and go for a nice walk in the rain...well, drizzle...but Jake wouldn't let me. He made me finish the crap I needed to finish (I'm looking for paid writing jobs, again, and had to e-mail out some letters and samples to those who've posted seeking writers they're willing to pay) then slammed me down in front of the computer and made me get back to VOT.

Hm...I don't like that acronym. JBatVoOT? Looks too Dutch, and he's Danish, now. Gotta think about this.

Anyway, I did get to at least fix some food -- Tilapia in picadillo, boiled red potatoes and cucumbers with ranch dressing; I've been eating a lot of fish, lately -- and now it's "Focus!" time. He's a domineering little shit, this Jake. Brendan could take lessons...although that's a completely different set-up. With POS I'm spooked about getting the story right and want to spend at least a year in NI to dig into the PRONI and CAIN files, and just read through newspapers of the time. I did some of that when I was in, 6 years ago...and was shocked at the things the anti-Catholic crowd would say, and which the paper would happily print.

Of course, with POS I could spend the rest of my life researching and getting nowhere. But I'm still so damned unsure of my sociological foundation, I can't see it getting done within the next five years without this research. And even then I'll be wary of showing it to anyone actually in NI. I've already been shot down, once; don't need that, again, anytime soon.

Okay...Jake's kicking my chair. I have his music now -- Sola Rosa's "Humanise" -- and it's playing in the background as he's beaten up by a couple of cops. He wants the moment to be over with so...

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