Derry, Northern Ireland

Derry, Northern Ireland
A book I'm working on is set in this town.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Busy work...

I'm skimming through a script and cutting back on my overt directions in it while biding my time till next Saturday. My plan is to make something that can be done nice and cheap, with MMA in it and lots of fighting, and Iron Cross fits that. I did it partly for a guy who was a kickboxing champion and wanted a script to show off his abilities in acting and kickboxing. He was gonna be the Wonder Bread version of Jean-Claude Van Damme.

It was set in Manila and had action, comedy, suspense, redemption, death, violence, you name it. There was even a woman who was good at Savate (basically French kickboxing) who helped him...and flew off into the sunset with him. The lead was ridiculously heroic and taciturn, as he should be.

Well...I got him a solid draft...and he did nothing with it. At all. I already had the feeling he was a talker...and that's what he proved to be. So I backed away from he project.

Now I'm setting it in LA, with a sidebar in Seattle that won't need an actual trip there. It's going to have drug cartels, a hero who refuses to fight in MMA again because he killed a man, who's forced to do that, again, so the villainess can get revenge on him...and maybe even vampires. I have this funny feeling if I do something goofy like that, it'll get more attention.

I started working on the idea while I waited for my car to get done. Then got knocked on my ass when they told me I'll need $1800 in transmission work on top of the $300 for the oil pan. Overall, I'd be spending in repairs more than the car is work, Blue-book. But...I got to see the underside and both the mechanics showing me this were impressed with how rust-free it was. One guy joked he'd like to buy the car off me.

Can't be done, right now. I don't have the money for any more repairs, and if I sink that much into my car, I'll have to keep it a lot longer. Which kicks the idea of an HRV out the window, even if they don't show till Spring of next year.

Typical for me.

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