Derry, Northern Ireland

Derry, Northern Ireland
A book I'm working on is set in this town.

Sunday, October 12, 2014


I was alternating between reading The Ghost and Mrs. Muir (I already liked the movie, but this book makes me appreciate it even more) and working on the updated outline for Bugzters while on my plane trip when I had one of those moments of revelation writers so love. There were a couple of screaming babies on the flight, so I plugged my headphones into my laptop and listened to some Enya...and realized what the story had been missing from the start. It was so obvious, I could kick myself for not seeing it earlier.

The synopsis is in my previous post, so I won't go over that, again. But at the end, the Bagh-star do get back into space and on their way to Venus...and an uncertain fate, something I alluded to in the story. Throughout the script, I note how they love dancing on the cosmic waves of energy whispering throughout the universe. They call it The Wave, since the Earthly definitions of "surfing" best match their understanding of it. That's what Alex and Taylor are trying to get them back to.

Thing is, in one scene, the lead Bagh-star admits they don't know if Venus will be hospitable to them, and may die trying to find out. But if they don't do that, they face extinction, anyway, at the hands of their enemies. So they do what they must...putting Alex's complaints about having to move to a new town into serious perspective.

But in the script, I never show them being on The Wave. They're always on Earth. That is what's known as an obligatory scene. Period. And I never even thought about it until Enya's To Go Beyond from The Celts album played at the precise moment I was digging through that part of the script. I froze...and I could picture it. And this is what I wrote...

Quickly they rose, shooting through rain and cloud and sun, tiny globes of what we call light so fragile and pure, certain of their destiny. Straight through the earth's thin, delicate atmosphere and its ozone protection into the void, into what humans thought of as nothingness. Then, one by one, they caught the gentle currents that shape the universe into such magnificence. A whisper of awareness...a tender them direction and bringing them absolute joy. They clung to it and danced around it and with each other. It was the wave, again. The wave. Giving them strength. Building them anew. Leading them away from the confining fields of glorious green earth and across the deep dark distance between her and the swirling beauty of her nearest neighbor in the galaxy.

On they rode, twisting and spinning and laughing as if they were the coolest surfer dudes in the whole of existence, riding the wave like it was the perfect pipe, growing closer and closer and closer to what they hoped would be their new home...closer and closer to finding out whether or not this bright new world would be the savior of their fellow creatures. Closer...and still dancing to music heard only to them. Closer...and still laughing for being free once more. Closer...and still sure of their purpose. Closer and by one...they vanished into the furious storming clouds of Venus.

That is when everyone back on the hillside began to move, again. The storm rumbled and flashed. The rain pelted down. The wind whipped through Alex, chilling him to the bone. But still he looked up
, and a tear mingled with the rain on his cheek as he whispered, "I hope they made it."

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