Derry, Northern Ireland

Derry, Northern Ireland
A book I'm working on is set in this town.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Planning stages...

Okay, step one is begun. I'm signing up for National Novel Writing Month and I'm doing Bugzters as my book. I'm working up an's my first pass...
Eleven-year-old ALEX is furious. His parents had promised there would be no more moves after settling in Seattle, but now his father has accepted a new job in Albuquerque, which will force him to leave the home he loves. He blames his little brother, DREW, for this; Drew's asthma has been a problem since they moved to Seattle. So Alex fights back by manipulating his home's smart system to scare off prospective buyers, thinking this will change his parents' plans. But during his latest session, lightning strikes the satellite dish and six neon vapor aliens (who call themselves BAGH-STAR) zip into Alex's iMac. They were en route to Venus but were almost captured by evil aliens (called HEX-ON) and now are trapped on planet Earth. Stunned, Alex and his best friend, TAYLOR, a girl-genius who lives next door, promise to help get them back on their way.

First they hide the Bagh-Star in some toys Taylor is developing then begin to formulate a plan. What they don't know is the Hex-on HAVE landed and formulated themselves into four versions of a goofy guy named CHESTER. Plus two Beige Agents from MESCIS (the Military Extraterrestrial Search, Capture and Interrogation Squad) have arrived to track down the aliens. On top of it all, with the Bagh-Star hiding in Taylor’s insect-like toys (which she now calls Bugzters) they work perfectly and every kid in town wants one. ToDAY!

After a series of close calls and as another storm blows in, Alex and Taylor wind up being chased by their mothers, the police, their snotty classmates Morika and Billy, the Chesters, the Hex-on spaceship, a greedy toymaker, and the Beige pair. Everybody winds up on a hilltop overlooking Puget Sound, where Alex and Taylor have just one chance to help get the Bagh-Star back into space. But with so many people interfering, how could it possibly work?
I'm cheating a little; this was a screenplay that turned into a nightmarish ordeal for me, but I got the okay from the woman who now owns the script rights to do the book. I'm taking it back to my initial idea, with a few details added in from the later versions, and working up a step outline for the writing. The only question now is whether or not it will hit 50,000 words.

You should laugh at that -- me not being able to fill a 50,000 word commitment when I so love my writing.

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