Derry, Northern Ireland

Derry, Northern Ireland
A book I'm working on is set in this town.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

The hell with Amazon

Read Amazon, here.

I've added a link to my list that takes you straight to Barnes & Noble ( where they offer all my books in paperback and a couple of them in their own version of Kindle, "Nook."  I'm not buying anything from Amazon, again, and a friend of mine in LA has said he won't either.  Same for a cousin of mine.  I know Amazon won't care; they're too damn big to.  But they have proven over and over they are an enemy of freedom of speech and are unworthy of my business.

I just finished the new chapter one of "The Lyons' Den" and after the first of the year, I'll have it ready for feedback.  I hope people are still willing to help me make this book as good as it can be.  It'll be a quick read -- one of my shortest books at barely over 50K in wordage -- and I want it to be as fun as possible.  Then I'll offer it to publishers like Star Books and see what happens.  Maybe I'll even start my own site up and offer it in downloads.  I don't know yet.  I'm tired of dealing with twits who think they can tell you what to think, say or do even as they refuse to pay you anything like they said they would...and there are so many options available to let you avoid that.

Long live the inter-web.  And just for the hell of it...
 Imagine traveling to a distant land full of mystery and romance, in the Gothic style, and finding what the French call...le Loup Carrou.

I know there are many Hollywood and graphic novel versions of what the creature should look like in its human form, but to me, this is the closest I've ever seen of a werewolf as a man.  If he had hair whispering across his chest and arms, he'd be perfection.  I may start watching the show Joe Manganiello's on, again...via Netflix, of course.  I don't do TV.

Yip, yip, yip, HOWWWLLLLLLLL.

UPDATE: I also finished chapter 2.


Anonymous said...

From now on I'm getting all my books from Barnes too. Even the Nook is suddenly appealing to me. Though not quite as appealing as that werewolf ;)

JamTheCat said...

LOL! Thanks, Michael.

And that big bad (6'4" if reports are to be believed) werewolf is worth slogging through "True Blood." I tried watching it, once, and so hated the main characters and the stupidity of the storylines, I stopped. But I'm shallow enough to return just for the prettiness.

BTW, are you willing to read "The Lyons' Den" and offer feedback when it's done?

Anonymous said...

Of course! I'll jump at the chance to read anything you write. From what I've read on your blog of it "The Lyons' Den" definitely intrigues me.

Whoa, that's the werewolf from True Blood? I haven't seen season 3 yet. Something to look forward to. Though I'd still take "Oz" from Buffy over him. Tall, sexy guys have their appeal but short, cute ones are my personal favorite.

I applaud Barnes and Noble for carrying all your novels (and even some in blasphemous digital form) although some of them are listed under just "Kyle Sullivan" which I'm sure you find annoying. Anyone who types your full name into the search bar will find it omits Bobby Carapisi volume one and two. Speaking of that, when is volume three being published?

JamTheCat said...

I understand. Seth Green's little puppy brings the critter out in me, too. Grrrrrrrrrrr...but with a protective tone.

I've been trying to find out about BC3 but Herbert's not being forthcoming beyond that old standby -- soon. But I haven't even seen the galleys for corrections, yet, so it'll probably be after the first of the year. Dammit.

I think he's pissed at me for not taking this Amazon shit lying down. It makes him nervous.

Anonymous said...

You better protect him from me then ;)

I'll be first to purchase BC3 (from Barnes of course) whenever it gets published. I've been waiting to find out what's become of Eric. So I hope "soon" means soon for a change.