Derry, Northern Ireland

Derry, Northern Ireland
A book I'm working on is set in this town.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

I've achieved infamy

Got a better idea of why my books were dropped by Amazon.  It seems a few months ago it was discovered a man in Colorado had self-published a book through Amazon about how to be a pedophile and it garnered national attention.  Being one of those people who thinks pedophiles are diseased and to be avoided, and because I haven't been watching the news due to being so sick of what's happening in Washington thanks to Obama's cowardice, I hadn't heard anything about it.  Anyway, his book was removed and he's currently under police protection because he's getting death threats even though, technically speaking, he hadn't broken any laws.  Hmph, the cops'll protect a creep writing about having sex with children but they run hammer and tongs after a guy revealing corruption in our government.  The irony is too obscene.

So...about a month ago, a "reporter" for the Seattle Fox affiliate checked Amazon's online catalog to see if the book had really been removed, and discovered they carry a LOT of erotica (and, apparently, sex toys).  She did a report on it...and guess which book lead the way?  "How To Rape A Straight Guy."  I guess that explains why there was a sudden spike in sales.

Well, Amazon got spooked and pulled it along with the second volume of "Rape In Holding Cell 6" and the kindle of both HTRASG and RIHC6, v1.  And then they lied to me and said they don't do that sort of thing.  That the publisher pulled it.  He had a big laugh at that.

However, he also says I should lay low until this blows over and even wants me to remove some of the other posts I made about the situation.  Problem is, that won't work.

1. It makes me look like I'm ashamed of my books and I am not.  HTRASG is a strong indictment of society's casual cruelty towards people it deems unworthy, and it shows what happens when you treat a man like a dog his whole life -- you wind up betting bitten.  RIHC6 deals with corruption in the criminal "justice" system that is so bad, people are getting away with murder...even as it points out that revenge only leads to madness.

2. It's already out there.  If someone wants to find my writings online, they can.  Google my name and my books come up.  So even if I wanted to run and hide, I couldn't.  Not for long.  And then it would look a hundred times worse than it does now.

Besides, you can still get HTRASG through Barnes & Noble and other places; those come up on Google, too.  And my other books -- Porno Manifesto and Bobby Carapisi -- are still up, as is the paperback of RIHC6v1.

Now here I am -- fulfilling Andy Warhol's famous saying.  Be interesting to see what happens next.


JamTheCat said...

I screwed up and accidentally deleted the following post from a commenter named Michael.

"I'm glad you have such a good attitude about it. The infamy will no doubt help the sales of your books. Amazon and their Kindle can suck it. Though I suspect they'll be back on both in no time at all.

But seriously how does some nut-job's book about how to be a pedophile turn into a war on erotic literature with gay literature being specifically targeted? It's not only an insult to your works but to the entire gay community as well."

Blogger really should not put "Publish" and "Delete" right next to each other in their e-mail notifications since some of us have clumsy fingers...especially after a long hard day packing books.

In response, I don't think she even researched what the book was about. I halfway think she believes it was a suggestion for women to do that to men. And there are some women who think ANY kind of sex is rape against women. In Canada about 10 years ago, customs began seizing all gay literature that had ANY sex in it, using their laws about pornography as their excuse. We're talking about books like "The Front Runner" and "The Persian Boy." Liberal groups protested and sued, but there was a group of Dworkin-ites who sided with Customs, saying "pornography is rape against women, even if it's gay porn since a man is just being used as a substitute for a woman." And they didn't even address the fact that it was gay lit that was being targeted.

I'm thinking of writing her and asking why she picked on my book...if it was just because of the title. Be nice to know.

Penman said...

Rape a straight? Impossible, all the ones I know throw their legs up to Jesus after a beer.

It puts you in good company along with Mark Twain and J.D Salinger among others.

What puzzles me is why they don't ban the bible . It has daughters plotting to fuck their elderly blind father so they can bare children, mental cruelty toward children by tying them up on an alter and threating to slash their throat because they heard voices telling them to do so. Killing people, especially women, for the most trivial reasons and telling people to walk on water and if they drown it is their own fault for not believing in someone who is supposed to be the son of god and yet the same god he is the son to. No wonder we're so fucked up.

How is it that the bible is allowed library space? A complete work of fiction that psychotics take as the actual word of a god?