Derry, Northern Ireland

Derry, Northern Ireland
A book I'm working on is set in this town.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

So much for being happy and carefree

Blew that out of the water in nothing flat.  I've got bigfoot moved in upstairs above me.  The Chinese food I ate is not settling well, at all.  I may be faced with a 4 week packing job back in NYC in a storage facility, then I'm flying to San Francisco to work the California Book Fair and hopping down to Los Angeles to view another possible packing job.  I don't mind the work and sort of enjoy the travel, plus it's nice to be able to pay my bills, but it does leave me tired and that's proving to have consequences.

I've lost my camera and THINK I left it on the plane, when I came back from NYC.  I was beat and had it out to take a couple shots over the city then apparently put it in the seat back and forgot it.  Jet Blue called asking me if I'd "left something behind" but I didn't think I had...until I went looking for it the next day to download the photos and it's nowhere to be found.  Now Jet Blue says they don't have it and won't tell me what it is they thought I left behind.  Which means someone at that airline just got themselves a nice little Nikon CoolPix for fucking Christmas.

I'm also caught up in some mess with my mother's side of the family in general, dealing with something about mineral rights to the land my grandmother grew up on in Texas and papers that need to be signed and lawyers bouncing around and crap.  Apparently someone thinks there's a lot of money involved, but if there is I'd be shocked.  Still, it's bringing out the unpleasant in various relatives and I've seen that, before, with a different side of my family...and I'd rather avoid it.  This nonsense never turns out nice.  But too late; when I get to San Antonio, next week, we're having a conference call between family in Pennsylvania and all over Texas.  A fucking conference call.  Jesus.

I've realized I've front loaded too much into the first chapter of LD and need to redistribute it.  Having Ace chatter is fun but he can't go on TOO long before the story begins.  I just have to figure out what should go where, and fortunately I had done some repetition throughout the story so have places these details can flow into.  I want to sell this one...or get it published with someone who'll actually pay me royalties and not keep lying to me.  What's sad is, the publisher who let Amazon take my books off its site has now contradicted the lies he told me earlier.  That's the problem with lying -- you have to remember what you said to whom because people tend to have memories.

What's really sad is how much this hurts.  I bent over backwards to help that bastard and have been really easy about the money he owes me, believing him when he says he can't pay it...and he can't even be honest with me?!  Shit.

See?  "Happy and carefree" are not part of my genetic makeup.  I've got too much ennui from the French side, too much gloom and bleakness from the Norwegian side and not enough of the drunk from the Irish side.  If I ever get to meet the source of my screwed up DNA, we gots some things to settle.

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