Derry, Northern Ireland

Derry, Northern Ireland
A book I'm working on is set in this town.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

First step to God knows what...

I submitted the paperback edition of BC to CreateSpace and they're reviewing it now. I had all the tools I needed to do it in, the worst part was making sure everything was consistent. I now think it is and the previewer says they can't find anything wrong, so...

This is the final cover I worked up. They gave me the parameters and it's within them, including space for the bleed. The only thing I'm concerned about is the face, since it's up against the fold to the spine.I hope it works.

I'm going for a 5x8 book, which, once I finished making sure all the headings began on an odd-numbered page, is now 624 pages long. That's a Steven King novella. But I'm not in his league...oh, pun intended. Except for price -- $22.95. Amazon has a minimum you can charge and that's enough over it to make it worthwhile. I guess. Still pricey for a paperback.

All the black space under the blurb on the back is to make sure there's room for the bar-code. Amazon provides that and an ISBN, and I got the enhanced distribution for the book, since it was only $25. Everything else is paid for through Amazon's cut of whatever I sell.

I'll find out in about 48 hours or so if I did everything up to CreateSpace's standards, then I get a proof to go over. If it's not, I think I get notes on what needs correcting. Damn, it's tedious work...but I owe it to the characters.

I'm still not able to figure out what the hell's wrong with the Kindle adaptation. I've sent e-mail requests in to them but they ignore me. Maybe they don't even know and don't want to admit it.

Tomorrow, I hope to get onto "The Alice 65"...but I feel like I'm fighting off a cold that was probably given to me by one of my bosses. She got a flu shot...and caught the flu. Perfect. Maybe that's where my headache came from, yesterday.

Now I'm headed for a long, hot shower, hoping the steam will clear out the cobwebs.

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