Derry, Northern Ireland

Derry, Northern Ireland
A book I'm working on is set in this town.

Friday, October 26, 2012

I gets the sleepies...

It comes from all the editing I'm having to do to get BC ready to publish. I finally revealed all the non-printing characters on the book so I could view them and make certain they're properly set...and they aren't. Some of my "returns" are coming up double. Not all of them, nor is it consistent. So I'm going back through what I've already done and correcting them. And god, it makes my eyes droop.

I'm only about halfway through the re-proofing, so far. And I'll have a lot more formatting to do, apparently, once I have that part settled. I'm getting guidance from a guy who's done it, already, and his suggestions indicate I've got a LOT more editing in store.

On top of this, today I started the process of changing banks. First Niagara has decided they want to play games with me and charge me fees for things I did not agree to. This has happened a couple of times over the last two months, but the final one was holding my paycheck until it cleared...even though it's drawn on their bank...while letting checks I've written pass through until I'm in the red, then adding my paycheck in and charging me a fee of $35 because I'm overdrawn.

I talked with them for half an hour, yesterday, and got a great big, "What you gonna do about it?" Which says to me that don't care to have me as a customer. So...I'm shifting to a credit union. I applied yesterday and was accepted today, so after work signed the papers and opened a checking and savings. They're affiliated with thousands of other credit unions around the country, including a lot in San Antonio, so I can use their ATMs without charge. Meaning they're a better fit for me, anyway.

I need to get control of my finances, anyway, and maybe this will help. I'm too close to the edge, again. Thing is, I'm the main support of my youngest brother, right now, paying his rent and giving him money to run on. He works, occasionally, but he's a hard case when it comes to getting a job. But he's finally getting some decent dental work, paid for by my sister, and should have dentures in a few months, once his mouth has properly healed. And he does go looking for work and does temp stuff.

He's living in part of that duplex my nephew's bought, and he's willing to do some work on it, but for some reason my nephew doesn't think he can do it right so is laying out for a contractor who's not getting the jobs done.'s better for my brother. Steadier.

Only thing is, he takes 25% of my income...and it's getting tighter and tighter. I guess this proves I'm an artist -- most of us are screwed when it comes to money. We can't all be as rich as Picasso.

Or as avaricious.

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