Derry, Northern Ireland

Derry, Northern Ireland
A book I'm working on is set in this town.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012


Well...turns out I wasn't making the script crueler so much as I wasn't paying attention to Patricia (Casey's mom and brain) and her sneakiness. She wanted some layering of her own and was gonna get it, if she had to crash the whole damn story around me. But that's my Pat. The bitch.

So I smoothed over the 29 pages, and she's happy. She's got her bits set up, and it's helping to soften Casey a little, at the beginning, while Adam has someone to play off of till Casey shows up.

Reading about how Garry Marshall would add bits of business for every character in his sitcoms -- from when he was writing for Lucille Ball and Danny Thomas to his "Happy Days" and "Laverne and Shirley" shows -- is beginning to help me see ways to make the script stronger and funnier. Maybe no belly laughs, but so far it's off-kilter enough to where I can see people chuckling.

I even have an unnamed paparazzi dude doing a little dance and song as he gloats about how he's going to get the cover of "People Magazine" with what's about to happen.

I don't think I'll get this draft done before I leave for Seattle. It's looking like I might have to pop up to Toronto to oversee the load-in of that book fair, Friday morning. Early. We'll be discussing this, tomorrow, looks like.

A lot of people in the antiquarian book world are upset that Toronto's holding its book fair the same weekend as Seattle (where I'm going to oversee the load out). It's considered a breach of etiquette. But it turns out the Canadians were forced to do it by the convention centre. They were even moved to another room; it's all allowed under their contract with the venue. I have a feeling next year's fair will be in a hotel conference center, which works better for one its size.

There's also a small chance the Hong Kong Fair will still happen, albeit on a smaller scale. A number of the UK dealers do not want to miss the Christmas season over there; it's too important to maintain a presence. I doubt it'll mean me flying over to handle it, but it bodes well for next year.

If there is one. We'll find out on 12-12-12.

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