Derry, Northern Ireland

Derry, Northern Ireland
A book I'm working on is set in this town.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Old habits die hard

I was given a lead for someone seeking horror-thriller scripts so I spent today prepping and polishing one that's done pretty well in competitions -- "Blood Angel." Its tagline is -- Would you sell your soul to be with an angel? That’s the question Tristan Lee must face when he meets Gabrielle Bayeux in this erotic-horror-thriller.

The synopsis is as follows --

Tristan Lee is a brilliant trumpet-player in post-Katrina New Orleans who leads a college-street band that includes his girlfriend, Alyssa. While he may seem happy enough, he’s one of those people who’ve had too much hell in their life. His mother, Nola, was a singer who wrote him a song titled “The Only One”, and her recording of it haunts anyone who hears it. But she fell into drugs and, while hallucinating about “l’ange de sang” (the blood angel), nearly murdered the boy. She was taken away and Tristan, his father and his stepmother, Ann Marie, believe she died in the storm. Wracked by guilt for hating her, he takes late-night rides on his motorcycle deep into the devastation left behind and plays his trumpet as a requiem to her.

During one of those trips, he and Gabrielle meet. She is rich, beautiful, and takes elegant photographs of the devastation, using her own artistic ability to gain his trust. What he does not realize is, she is the Blood Angel, a vampire queen searching for a man known only as Le Seul. She thinks Tristan is he but a ritual must be followed before she can be certain. First, he must make love to Gabrielle, then at the height of passion be fed upon by her to the brink of death, then drink her blood, then feed upon someone innocent. All of it without the least bit of hesitation. It would seem impossible to pull off, since Tristan is decent and caring, but not for Gabrielle; she can sense the way to his soul.

Problem is, Gabrielle’s current companion, Dmitriy, knows he will be cast aside once Tristan has turned, so he jealously plays havoc with them both. At the same time, Ann Marie sees Gabrielle for what she is and does her best to protect her stepson. She realized long ago that Nola was having visions of Gabrielle coming for Tristan, and that her song was meant as a warning to him.

But that realization may be too late. For there is an ever-growing bond between Tristan and Gabrielle, and despite everyone’s best efforts, he seems determined to join with the Blood Angel and leave his life behind in the ruins of New Orleans.

It got as good as Second Place in one screenwriting contest so who knows if they'll go for it. But it gave me an excuse to read through the script, again, and find more typos that need correcting. I'm a mess when it comes to that crap. Such is life in the big city.

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