Derry, Northern Ireland

Derry, Northern Ireland
A book I'm working on is set in this town.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Unthinking twits

Whoever coined the phrase, "Stay Hungry," in regards to getting fit or losing weight (or whatever the hell it was about) obviously never woke up at 3:30 in the morning craving a tuna fish sandwich and not being able to get back to sleep till one had been made and eaten. Which, of course, brought on a nice hint of heartburn at about 6:30. But damn, it was good while it lasted.

I'm pretty sure my dreams, lately, have been taken up partially by food. I don't recall them, exactly; I just wake up thinking, "Tonight I'm making cheese soup (my way)." Or a Sloppy Joe, to the max...except when you don't have peppers and carrots and onion and such, you make do with whatever's at hand to flesh it Piccalilli relish. It came out a bit sweet but damn tasty when sprinkled with shredded cheddar on a heated bun.

Tonight I made the mistake of giving in to a whim and having the Teriyaki Medallions at Outback Steakhouse. Pricey but damned good...usually. Not this time. I get them done medium well; this batch was medium rare. I can't eat beef like that, but I also learned (the hard way, more than once) that if you send it back all they do is toss the same piece of meat on the grill to cook it more and it comes out tough enough to beat the shit out of you. So I ate what I could, brought the rest home to cook with some potatoes and onions in my own little hash, and got a free slice of cheesecake out of it for complaining. Not good for my new direction in weight reduction...but I didn't care. I was friggin' hungry.

And it was raspberry cheesecake. Sigh.

This is what happens when you try to change your eating habits -- your body rebels if you go too far. I've been cutting down on how much I eat at a time and over the course of a day, and it's been telling. I'm below 230 for the first time in a few years and trending downward...but every now and then my gut takes over and screams, "Feed me or I will make your life hell, believe me." And I do believe it. Maybe it's stupid...but today I felt a lot better even after only eating half the meal I'd ordered.

Suddenly I can understand how pregnant women get so cranky, even though there's no way in hell I'll ever be one of those without some major miracle-doing on behalf of God and the whole damn Universe. People have learned that those cravings they're so famous for are actually for minerals or vitamins their body needs for the creature growing inside them, so they should be let have what they want. And god forbid coming between some soon-to-be-momma and her combination of pickles and peppermint ice cream.

Now if I could only figure out how to apply that to overweight me.

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