Derry, Northern Ireland

Derry, Northern Ireland
A book I'm working on is set in this town.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Back to it

I went through IF and cut out some crap then added more, so I'm up to over 27K in wordage. But I'm WAY behind schedule and will need to bust butt to get to the 50K before I head for Hong Kong, because the truth is, once I leave on the 29th I arrive on the 30th and will be wanting nothing to do with anybody till the next day. done with it. this weekend or be nothing. Too bad I didn't get a full 6 days off to work on it, like would have happened had I done the full packing job.

Thing is, the story will not even begin to be finished at 50K. Lately I've been thinking it's more like 65-70K overall...and maybe even longer. My inner gab-fest is taking over. The hook I found in the story is Vinnie's massive imagination and how sometimes it gets carried away. I actually do have a moment in the book, so far, where Vinnie imagines watching a hood cutting up a dead body as he sings "Mack The Knife" then looks at Vinnie and asks him if he's going to be good about this. Why? It's important to the moment. Really.

There's also his libido and pending marriage to a girl who won't sleep with him, first, and the friends he makes who become important later in the story. If I'm 40% of the way done, I'd be surprised.

I've also been following the disgraceful conduct of the campus police at UC-Davis and posted about that on FaceBook. The chancellor of the college, who ordered the cops to clear the peaceful protesters out, is now under pressure to resign. I'd say she won't because she's one of those uncaring types who doesn't give a damn about people who disagree with her; if she'd been the least bit human, she'd never have called the cops in on kids who were doing nothing but protesting the greed and corruption on Wall Street and in Washington.

But then there was a silent protest, one she tried to turn into a hostage situation directed against her (she'd held a news conference and refused to leave the hall where it took place because so many kids were outside). What'd those kids do? They made a path for her to walk through, promised she would not be touched and she left...and had to pass by hundreds of students doing nothing more than glaring at her. In total silence. Including, I hear, a few faculty members. Even UC's Board of Regents is taking this seriously, now. Check it out --

Another disgraceful incident was Michelle Obama being booed at a NASCAR Rally. She was there to honor the troops and serve as grand marshall, along with Jill Biden, and a massive number of racist redneck assholes sent catcalls her way. This is the "new South" -- still as disgusting as ever.

Oh, and now that I know Bradley Cooper is fluent in French...well...let's just say I may finally watch one of his movies.

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