Derry, Northern Ireland

Derry, Northern Ireland
A book I'm working on is set in this town.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Brendan's back

And he's kicking my ass. Seems I'm having a trial run in dealing with a situation I'm not at all familiar with, and my grumpy wussiness is irritating him. "Just get the damn thing done," he's snarling, "and prove yourself worthy of my story. It'll be a hundred times harder, believe me."

And he's right. If I can't get something as basic as a corruption scandal in the NYPD down well enough to make it work, and find a way into it that's different and interesting, then POS is outside my range forever. And what's funny is, that thought actually spooked me.

There are parts of POS I'm so damn proud of, I can't imagine not finishing it. There are other parts that are as trite as anything by Sydney Sheldon or Jackie Collins, but my job is to take them out of that realm and into another. Meaning my job with "Inherent Flaws" is to do the same and see how the hell I figure out just how the hell I DO do it.

Of course, mingled into this is how my one serious book, so far -- "Bobby Carapisi" -- is not selling at all, right now. And I think I screwed it up by taking it so damned seriously. Doesn't help that most of the people who visit that publisher's site are looking for erotica...and my other three books can be fit into that, even though there's a lot more to them than just a way to get your motor revving.

Writing screenplays is a lot easier than writing novels. So damn much to do, it gets to be overwhelming.

And exhilarating and maddening and just plain pain and pleasure to do.

BTW, Gerard Brennan, a crime writer in Belfast, NI has a new book out on Kindle -- "Point". I'm seriously considering giving in and buying a Kindle so I can read it; I don't have OS 10.6 on my computers so can't read it without buying the damn thing.

I hate technology.


Gerard Brennan said...

I've only just noticed this mention. You rock. Thanks.

I must stop by here more often.



JamTheCat said...

Thanks for stopping in, Gerard. And good luck with your new book. Once I get my finances in order, I'm buying a Kindle...or else upgrading to OS6 or 7 or whatever.