Derry, Northern Ireland

Derry, Northern Ireland
A book I'm working on is set in this town.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Drifting closer...

Jake's not making it easy on me with this story...but it's beginning to come together. Make sense, even. I think. Won't know till I get some people to read it and tell me. But I'm getting more and more hopeful for a happy ending for him and Antony. Of course, I won't know that until the story's done.

Going back through the story made me decide to re-read RIHC6 to make certain I was getting things consistent...and I found one error. Jake refers to when he was victimized in holding cell 6, and I'd put down that it was by 4 black guys; he says it's 5 on the previous book (and in a continuity error in RIHC6, he once says it was 6; oops). I need someone to proof and edit my work, big-time.

But...I keep going forward and trying to make it as right as I can. I still whine about how hard it can be, but I'm trying to back off that. I'm also trying to work in time to work out.

Brains and beauty

I've decided Alex Minsky is going to be my inspiration. So what if I'm more than twice his age? Anybody who can battle back after what he's been through is worth emulating. I already belong to a gym, thanks to my health coverage; I just need to stop pissing around and make that part of my routine.

He's a model (for UNDERWEAR, even!!) and has a natural camera presence packed with he's also given me ideas for Zeke in Carly Kills. I wonder if I'll get back on that once OT is done?

I never know until I know...

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