Derry, Northern Ireland

Derry, Northern Ireland
A book I'm working on is set in this town.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

I need a GPS...

I seem prone to making the wrong turn at the worst time, when it comes to following directions. In Baltimore, I wound up going south instead of north because I thought I was on one street when I was actually on another. Doesn't help that cities in the Mid-Atlantic and New England states hate to put up real street signs that are easily visible.

Anyway, the Baltimore job turned out to be both worse and better than expected. Worse because it wound up being 700 titles, most of them small pamphlets, and I inadvertently packed one shelf that wasn't supposed to go so had to unpack it. I got all but one book back in place...and, of course, couldn't find the most valuable one -- a limited edition reprint of "The Playboy of the Western World", from 1927.

That's where I screwed up -- I saw the book and looked at it...and packed it, then started doing the rest of the shelf it was on. Dumb. So the guy these books are going to will have to mail it back, and I'll have to pay for it. My fault.

What was good was, everything fit into the materials I brought; I even had some left over. And I only had to build 1 box. But I didn't take a lunch and it seems neither of the Best Westerns I stayed at had anything but fast-food joints around them, for dinner. I did Mickey D's, last night. If they advertise at the Olympics, as they're apparently going to do, I won't have them as an option, anymore. They're funneling money into the pockets of Putin and his cohorts in crime at the expense of gay men and women in Russia (I seriously believe he and the Russian Orthodox Church are pushing this anti-gay crap now in order to deflect attention from the money he's looting from the country). I won't eat there if they do that.

So...any bets as to whether or not Russia uses its natural gas sales to Europe, this winter, to shut the EU up about the Olympics? "Can it or we'll cut off your supplies," as the Mafia would say. This is not going to be good.

Anyway, the drive home took forever because there was so much road construction going on in Pennsylvania. For a state that claims to hate government spending, it sure is accepting a lot of it. I was also routed through just about every bum-fuck town there is between Harrisburg, PA and Corning, NY before I was able to get back onto a freeway. Once I hit the 86, I made decent time.

I didn't think about OT once, today...until just now. Let me see what I can do about tomorrow. Right now I'm close to brain dead.

Such is the life of a piss-poor writer.

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