Derry, Northern Ireland

Derry, Northern Ireland
A book I'm working on is set in this town.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Jake is getting mean...

We're doing a slash and burn through OT. Ideas initially written and thought of as good are now crapping out and realigning. Jake's revealing his hard-assed side in spades, and I'm finding it both fun and frightening. He's going to get himself into some serious trouble if he isn't careful.

I don't want the end of this book to be nothing but one face-off after another, so he and I are trying to work out some way where everything comes to a head in one location and causes a full-scale earthquake of the 9.0 magnitude. But there are so many people twisting in and out of the story, and all of them have their part in the puzzle.

I'm getting close to figuring out where -- something like a city council meeting where all the suspects have shown up...or a church service...something public and prone to violence if not carefully handled. Maybe a fundraiser, since politics plays so important a role in the does religion.

I almost think Jake is going to deliberately accuse someone of murder, even though he knows they did not do it. But they facilitated it. Egged it on. Laid the foundation for it. I don't know about that, yet. It would mean he has to let the real killer stay free. How could he do that? To prove a point? To punish the partially-guilty? To gain control and use the truly guilty?

At the beginning of the story, his step-mother, Mira, observes he is like his father in many ways. He may be out to prove her right.


MAC said...

The SUSPENSE... I can't wait until it's complete!

I've really enjoyed reading the process that goes with creating a novel. I have wanted to try it myself, but I don't know where to begin. Maybe one day.

JamTheCat said...

It's a real roller-coaster ride, I gotta say...